John Paul Jones- Rest of the Best Tree

This is the one and only announcement for the combo cdr/vhs JPJ tree (formerly Roxy Tree). Since the other available JPJ vhs has been and will be treed I thought "Rest of the Best" would be an apt title for this one. There were 7 confirmed branches and each will have 4 leafs each as promised. 28 leafs ONLY and taking the first 10 digesters and 18 regulars.

Make sure you specify digest when signing up.

If interested read on....


Audio portion info:

1.Due to circumstances beyond my control the 3 Atlanta Roxy audio sources I've sampled to go with the vhs portion have turned out to be inferior in one way or another by either being incomplete or less than decent sound quality. My apologies to anyone counting on this part of the tree.

2. Anyone who would like one of the sources of Atlanta because you were there, had friends/family who were there, or have promised it to someone please email me privately at I will be happy to set up a 1:1 trade and advise you of the difference in the sources.

3. In it's place I have selected JPJ at the Club Quattro-Osaka, Japan 12/8/99. This is an absolute primo DAT recording in sound quality and a very fine performance from the first leg. As bonus tracks to disc 2 I have added "Going to California" and "Nobody's Fault But Mine" from another nice DAT source of Toronto's Guvernment show from 3/30/00. As most of you know these were not included in the first leg of the "Zooma" tour.


Video portion info:

1. This will be on a T-120 2 hours SP mode- NTSC only and include 1st gen. sources traded directly to me from the original tapers. Thanks to Paul Groleau, Bob Mady and "Jasmin".  Also a big hearty "hat's off" to Chris Barbero who has thrown together some nice video cover art. Available at Project Ballentine

2. The first portion of the tape is 8+ min. of JPJ on "The Mike Bullard Show" 3/31/00 and includes a brief interview and Jonesy playing mandolin. Coincidentally, the show was taped at what used to be "The Rockpile" where Zeppelin played some 30+ years before. The host embarasses JPJ by bringing out pictures, complete with bell bottoms and long hippie hair. ;)

3. The second portion will include the first 50+ min of 3/20/00 The Roxy Theater- Atlanta, GA.(1st set) Handheld shot with a hi-fi 8mm stereo cam from the balcony. Fairly steady and nice clarity once stage lights are on. Has some very nice close-ups but unfortuately the taper was busted directly after "GTC" and "Steel Away" is cut.

4. The third and final portion  will include 62 min of 3/30/00 Daytona's- Pasadena, Maryland. Handheld shot from with a hi-fi 8mm Hitachi cam from the floor. This has "NFBM" and all of the second set complete with some SRTS-like special effects including reverse mirror imaging. (Sorry lady's no bulges!) For the encore's the taper managed to get a prime spot  between Jonesy's speaker stacks 4-5 ft away. Extreme close-ups of some excellent slide-work on the lap steel with some definitive banging of keys on keyboard. Also, includes JPJ  and crew singing Happy Birthday to Hugh Manson (Guitar craftsman extordinare). Yes, John Paul Jones sings again!


So if your interested...

reply to: with your name, general geographic location and if your on digest mode please specify. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. You will be ignored...

You must be able to provide your branch with quality blanks such as Mitsui, Kodak or TDK CDR's for burning and Maxell Gold or Hi-fi purples or similar quality vhs for dubbing.

Tree will close after 28 leafs have been filled. 10 from digest. 18 from regular lists. Again please specify DIGEST if you are reading this from digest mode. Structure to follow...

Thanks to all sources involved and the branches for their time and patience.

Hat's off to Bob Mady, Paul Groleau, "Jasmin", Billy, Chris Barbero, David Estrada and Bob Thomas.

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