This is the initial tree announcement featuring John Paul Jones' performance
at the House of Blues, New Orleans on March 14 2000.  Come one, come all!  A
JPJ soundboard is a rare treat!

This was recorded directly to my hard drive during its digital broadcast and
has been unaltered.  It is a two-disc show, with the discs spilt where the
intermission occurs.  At the bottom of this announcement is the review I
wrote for the list after the broadcast, a link to other reviews from show
attendees, as well as links to some mp3 samples I put up for all to

This will be a multi-trunked tree (Zeppelin Digital style) to get the music
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My review for FBO:

John Paul Jones
House of Blues French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana
March 14, 2000

Set List:
Zooma / Goose / Grind / The Smile of Your Shadow / Nosumi Blues / No
Quarter / Spaghetti Junction / Going To California / Steel Away / Snake
Eyes / Nobody's Fault But Mine / (intermission) / Triple-neck Acoustic
Solo / Crackback / Bass N' Drums / B. Fingers / Jump Blues / When The
Levee Breaks / Tidal // Trampled Under Foot // Black Dog

Total Running Time: 127min, stereo soundboard.

The show starts out powerful with Zooma leading the way.  About 2
minutes into the song, the volume drops a bit, and works it way back up
back to its original point during Goose.  Goose and Grind exhibit some
distortion on the bass guitar.  JPJ makes a comment after Grind about
"it's great when computers do what you want them to do," so I believe
the distortion was due to a pedal or something on the mixing board.
Jones has feedback problems during Going To California, but a lovely
solo nonetheless.  His introduction of Nobody's Fault But Mine: "THIS
one you're gonna like."  Smoking version of NFBM!  The triple-neck
acoustic solo is awesome.  He actually lays down his backing tracks with
each neck, then digitally loops them over each other while he plays a
solo!  At first he has trouble getting the loop pedals to work like he
wants them to, so he stops playing and adjusts his pedals (all while
making funny JPJ comments).  Crackback, and it sounds like Jones is
having the bass distortion he had at the beginning of the show.  Love
that riff though!  The distortion gets fixed during Bass N Drums, which
features naughty bits of Heartbreaker and Ramble On.  The rest of the
show proceeds without incident.  The one-two punch ending of When The
Levee Breaks and Tidal kicks major ass.  Two encores, Trampled Under
Foot and Black Dog, are well received by the crowd.  The slide guitar
started to wear on me during Black Dog, and I wasn't a big fan of
Jonesy's keyboard sound for No Quarter and Trampled, but they are nice
to hear.  Great show!