Greetings Traders,

As you may have heard, our good friend Mr. Grunt that _Grant Burgess_ has kindly supplied me 
with seed discs for John Paul Jones' October 19th 1999 
performance at The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio. The show is quite 
good, recorded from the crowd, and a little over two hours long and 
occupies two CDR discs. 

I'll be taking sign-ups for Branch-duty and Leaves until the 25th of 
this month. That should be plenty of time for everyone to get on 
board. I'll post the tree structure some time after that. 

The Branch discs will be prepared using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) 
for extraction and CDRWin for burning with DAO format. Branches 
are encouraged to use this method or a fair equivalent to ensure 
that Leaves get the best possible copies. Branches should be 
prepared to make at least 5-10 leaf copies. As always, standard 
tree rules apply. Branch-to-Seed trades include the "blanks and 
postage" option as well as standard boot-trades. Leaf-to-Branch 
trades are solely at the discretion of the Branch. 

To sign up for this tree, send an email to 
with the subject line 'JPJ 10/19/99 Tree' and include the following 

Email address
Tree Status Desired (Branch or Leaf)
Method of extraction and copy (Branches only)
Whether you will be trading blanks or boots (Leaves only)

Happy trading,
JR Sroufe
JPJ 10/19/99 Tree Administrator