---- ------ ******John Paul Jones- 10/20/99 Park West, Chicago*******
---- --------

This is the official announcement for the CDR portion
of the Chicago JPJ show already announced in MD format.
If you didn't sign up for the MD portion and would like to have
CDR copies of this show please read below:

To sign up as a branch for this show -

*email- ZoominChicago@aol.com

*In the Subject - JPJ/Branch

*In the Body include- Name, Address and Geographical location
(please include country if outside the USA)

Branches must be able to handle 5 to 6 leaves depending on the
response to this show.
Branches must be able to copy with DAO. No two second gaps please!
Branches must be able to accept B&P from their leaves or
work out a trade amongst themselves.
Please do not sign up as a branch if you are unable to fulfill
the above requirements or cannot burn copies for your leaves
within a month or two upon receiving your seed discs.
---- ---------------------

To sign up as a leaf for this show-  

*email- ZoominChicago@aol.com

*In the Subject- JPJ/Leaf

*In the Body- Name, email addy and Geographical location
 (please include country if outside the USA)

Leaves will be required to work out a trade with their branches
or send blanks and postage. If a branch asks for a certain media
type please try to provide him/her with it as they know what best
burns on their particular burner. Leaves please make it as easy
as possible on the branches by sending a self addressed return 
mailer with your postage. This will help speed up you recieving
your copies.
---- --------------------


Disc One 
Opening intro:
First set: Zooma, Goose, Grind, The Smile of Your Shadow, Nosumi 
Blues(Segue), No Quarter, Spaghetti Junktion, Steel Away, Snake Eyes. 

Disc Two 
Second set: acoustic triple-neck solo, Crack Back, Bass 'n' Drums, B
Fingers, Jump Blues, When The Levee Breaks, Tidal

Encores: Trampled Underfoot, Black Dog
---- --- Description- Roy recorded this show digitally 25ft. from center
stage using a Sony MZ-R30 MiniDisc portable using Premium Binaural (w/
bass roll-off) from the Sound Professionals. The Sound is good to very
good aud. recording.
---- ----- This tree will close December 12th . A final announcement will
be posted a few days before for those that missed this announcement.

I would like to thank Roy for providing the seed for this tree and keeping
focused on his MD recorder while being distracted by his friend's
girlfriend's ass in leather pants. Great concentration Roy! ( I mean on
your equiptment not hers!) 

I would also like to extend my thanks and appreciation to an FBO member
for creating artwork for this show. Hat's off to you! We appreciate your
time and effort. Branches will have information on where to obtain the

Any questions should be directed to ZoominChicago@aol.com
and not Bluidmerl.

Spread the music!