This tree will *not* be of interest to the more hard-core collectors
on the list, as it is a compilation...
    This tree will be run in two parts- the first part will be
structured and mailed in 7 days from now, and the second part will be for
those who are students, and will be away from their usual place for the
holidays. The second part of the tree will be structured and mailed in the
middle of January...
    In 1972, Led Zeppelin toured Australia, the U.S., and Japan. Most of
their conquests in this year were overshadowed by The Rolling Stones'
tour, with it's usual high-profile press and radio coverage. Quite the
pity, actually, because Zeppelin was playing brilliant shows to packed
houses, with virtually no press coverage...
    This 2CD set is an overview of their Japanese campaign of 1972. It
includes performances from all six of their concerts there, assembled in a
single concert format, a kind of "highlights" package. These are all
audience recordings, and come from good low gen. sources where possible:
    Disc 1(73:35):
    1. Rock And Roll     Tokyo 10/2/72
    2. Over The Hills And Far Away     Osaka 10/9/72
    3. Black Dog     Nagoya 10/5/72
    4. Misty Mountain Hop/
    5. Since I've Been Loving You     Tokyo 10/3/72
    6. Dancing Days/
    7. Bron Yr Aur Stomp     Tokyo 10/2/72
    8. The Song Remains The Same/
    9. The Rain Song     Kyoto 10/10/72
    10. Dazed And Confused     Osaka 10/4/72

    Disc 2(69:35):
    1. Stairway To Heaven     Nagoya 10/5/72
    2. Moby Dick     Osaka 10/9/72
    3. Whole Lotta Love/Medley     Tokyo 10/2/72
    4. Heartbreaker     Osaka 10/4/72
    5. Communication Breakdown     Tokyo 10/2/72
    6. The Ocean     Tokyo 10/3/72
    7. Immigrant Song     Kyoto 10/10/72

    As you can see, these are both very long discs; the first is
nearly the limit for normal cd-r. Because of this, high quality media is
recommended, Kodak, Mitsui, or TDK, in that order are the preferred
choices of most traders...

To sign up, send a message to:
    In the subject line, type "Japan Tree", and "1st" or "College"-
all submissions not including which half of the tree they prefer to be on,
will automatically be put on the "College" list, which will be announced
in January, after school is back in session.

    In the body, if you want to branch, you must indicate your
geographical location, which software you use to duplicate discs, and your
cd burner make and model, to ensure that you are DAO capable. If you just
want to be a leaf, all you need to include is your geographical location.

    Signups for the "1st" half will close on December 7th., and the
structure posted on the 8th.
    Signups for the "College" half will close on December 19th., and
that structure will be posted in the second week of January.
    The first half should be mailed quickly enough so that everyone on it
will have their discs by Christmas...