Thanks to a generous benefactor....Jeff, I have a copy of Imperial Kezar (02 Jun 1973 San Francisco) 3 CD (Aud + SB!!) just released by the Electric Magic Label. This set includes 3 previously unreleased soundboard (Moby Dick, Heartbreaker & Whole Lotta Love) tracks!! I have made a clone straight off the silvers sent to me from the US for a brief Winter holiday in OZ!!

This announcement calls for Branches only. Leaves will follow, don't bother trying to get in early coz you'll go in the bit bucket.

If, as was the case for the EV Destroyer tree, there is someone who has this set in it's original silver CD form who wishes to come on board as a Seeding Branch by all means stick your hand up and help out. If there isn't then I'll supply the necessary discs.

To sign up as a Branch send me an email thus:

Subject: Imperial Kezar Branch
In the email body put the following; all one one line (please do it as shown or you'll miss out):

Name, Location, Email address, Number of Leaves, Overseas Yes or No
e.g. Les Sutton, Brisbane Aust,, 5, Yes

I'll announce the leaves signup on or around the 10 Aug.

Artwork will be posted as soon as I scan it in. The original art is a tri-fold cardboard sleeve arrangement so if someone creative can turn em into triple case artwork your efforts will be most appreciated.

So once more my fellow Zepheads into the breach....
Les. [:)]