For a detailed review go here:

The show was played at the Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL.

Some details from the taper:
"The show is complete. A little over 2 hours. 2X74 minute cdr's. The
sound is 9+ according to Bluidmerl. I also rate it about that. There is
some distortion in a few places, but that is how the sound was coming
from the amps. This was recorded on MD. The artwork is pretty much
completed. (Let me know what you think.) By the was also a
most excellent performance."

So what I call for first are Seed & Distribution Branches. I will supply
the Seed branches who will supply the Distribution Branches who will
supply the Leaves.

To signup as either form of Branch send me the following email:

Subject: Plant Chicago Branch

In the body:
Type of Branch: Seed/Dist
Number of Branch/Leaves you are willing to supply:
Can handle overseas supply: Y/N
Email address:
Your burning setup:
Global Location:

This signup will run until this time next Saturday (Aust time) by which
stage I'll be calling for leaves, any leaf signups will be ignored until

Cheers & Beers all, go to it!

Les. :)
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