[All signups close Friday, September 14, 11:59pm
central N. America time.]

The following 3-disc show is being treed:

Feelin' Groovy Definitive Edition
11-16-71  St. Matthew's Baths, Ipswich, UK
Empress Valley

Disc 1

Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker/Black Dog/Since I've Been
Loving You/Rock & Roll/Stairway To Heaven/Going To
California/That's The Way/Tangerine

Disc 2

Dazed And Confused/What Is And What Should Never
Be/Celebration Day

Disc 3

Whole Lotta Love/Weekend/Gallows Pole/
(Bonus: The Tea Party 05-20-98 Much Music I&I Special,
Toronto, ON) Fire In The Head/Temptation

This show is one of the treats from the Empress Valley
label.  A big thanks to our own John G for providing a
copy that allowed this tree to happen.  I am just your
humble tree admin.  Thanks again John!

For more infomation about the show, check out:


The latter is a photo of the place where the band
played.  Very strange.

Please read the signup details very carefully:

* To Sign Up As A Branch *

Please sign up at: traders55@yahoo.com
with "BRANCH" in the subject line.

Provide the following details:

Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Number of Leafs You Can Take (pref 5):
Your trade list or link to trade web site:

Understand this:

You must use DAO.  Please do what you can to ensure
that an exact copy is made - turn off the background
apps (eg. virus detector, power saver, screen saver),
don't burn on the fly, use EAC for exact extraction,
etc.  Zeppelin live deserves to be heard in the best
shape possible.

Must be able to accept 2:1 from leaves (ie. 6 blanks
of a reputable brand).  1:1 trade, B&P, etc, is
between you and leaf.

Don't drag your feet in regards to communicating
through email - please be reasonably prompt.  You
might need to burn for a foreign leaf.  For Europeans,
I'll only match you with European leaves.

Don't sign up to branch unless you are committed to go
through with the treeing.  I had one guy on my last
tree disappear half-way through his leaves, and I was
away from home (like I am now until Xmas), unable to
make more copies for them myself.

I have preburned copies for this tree while visiting
home recently.  I used UNBRANDED 74min SONYs, from a
50-disc spindle.  I am unable to make any more copies,
and so cannot provide a different brand.  I highly
dislike Imations, Maxwells, Memorexes and generics,
and won't accept these in return if we do 2:1.

* To Sign Up As A Leaf *

Please sign up at: traders55@yahoo.com
with "LEAF" in the subject line.

Provide the following details:

email address:
Geographical Location: (e.g. US state, country)

Understand this:

Be prompt with your branches, and get in touch with
him/her when the structure has been posted.  Don't get
in contact with the branch a couple of weeks later,
once he's already started making copies.  Be
preprepared, or you could be dropped.

There is limited room on this tree - I have burned 12
branch copies.  The number of leaf signups will
therefore be dictated by the number of branch signups.
Leafs will be added to the structure in the order they
sign up.  Later leaf signups MIGHT NOT be included on
the tree.  I will acknowledge leaf requests with an
"OK," but that just means I received your signup
email, not that you're on the tree.

The final tree structure should be ready about
Tuesday, September 18th.