The Forrestry Commisioner is in town.

The details.

Recording Notes.
Audience Master Cassettes SONY 152.
Portable Cassette Recorder, SONY ECM 33P Microphones.
Dolby B, Advent Chrome C-90 cassette tapes, Center Rear Orchestra Six  Rows
Behind Soundboard.
Microphones On Pole Two Feet Above Head level.

No artwork at this time hence a call the artistic types amongst us is

Thanks to Jim Sirigos for providing the seeds

This is predominantly an SHN Tree and there will be scope in the signup
database for Audio Branches/Leaves.

To get a seat in the Circus you have to signup to a specific Yahoo Group I
have created, it is a private group that is not listed.
Membership is by approval, include the words "Physical Grafitti" in your
signup email.

Group details.

Group name: MSG_Aud_Tree
Group home page:
Group email address:

Browse to the group to see the signup email addy and signup.
Once approved, remember the included words above, take the Database link and
add your details there.

I'll leave this open until 7 June 2003.

This recording is free---->and should remain that way! --->please support LZ
by purchasing the new offical releases and encourage them to release more
archival material in the future.


Les. :)

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