Ah, the smell of fresh air, warmth on your face, and
*ugh* finals approaching meens one thing. Summer!! In 69,
73, and 77, Zeppelin played a few summer dates at various
locations, and new alternate tapes have surfaced due to
the thanks of a more prominant Badgeholder here and are
now ready to reach the masses. Up on the block this time

08/18/69 (late) - MReel>CDR/m>CDR/1(mine)>SHN
07/23/73 - 2ndgen>CDR/m>CDR/1(mine)>SHN
- 2ndgen>CDR/m>CDR/1(mine)>SHN *alt tape* Correction this is should of been the 24th*
06/23/77 - 2ndgen>CDR/m>CDR/1(mine)>SHN *new alt tape*

5 discs total. Even less in SHN (ok, so thats the one
thing I dont know, i didnt check how big they were). I've
already ripped all 5 discs, and have them sitting on my
server in shn ready for treeing, so everything should run
smoothly (I hope, there always seem to be some problems).

SIGN UPS CLOSE on May 10th at 2PM EST. I'm taking
applications from both branches and leaves at the same
time (see below). Email me with the following subject (and
any additional info in the body that you might think
relevent). Read below for branch reqs and other info.

Subject Example (no quotes):
FBO-Tree#1 -
FBO-Tree#1 - branch-ftp_yes-5-USA
FBO-Tree#1 - branch-ftp_no-6-Iceland
FBO-Tree#1 - leaf-NA-NA-Fiji
FBO-Tree#1 - leaf-NA-NA-India

Here is the basic brakedown of the above (note, no spaces
were used above except for Tree#1, so please dont use any
except for that):

FBO-Tree#1 = Has to be this, my filter is set to that.
<leaf/branch> = At the front because when I hit sort, it
will sort into branch, then leaf,and the next option, etc.
I consider this to be the biggest option, so it might as
well go first. Do NOT sign up if you can not properly use
EAC and/or use Nero to burn audio cds (still has the bug
as far as I know). All branches must be able to accept
B+Ps (I discourage 2;1s, but its your trade, not mine)
even if all of your leafs are B+Ps, thats the risk
(everyone starts somewhere). The minimum for being a
branch is 3 leafs, more is cool, but 3 is the minimum.
While not required, it wouldnt be a bad idea to include a
link to your trade list in the body of the email (both
branch and leaf).
<ftp_yes/no> = Choose one, if you can (and will/want to)
download from an ftp or not. People who can will be
getting the shows in shn and most likely off of an ftp
server (ala the ZD project). I've found this really does
help kickstart the tree, and prevents another cdr gen from
happening (a plus for many who keep track). After 4 trees,
I havnt had a problem yet here.
<#of branches> = How many will you be willing to branch
for? (put NA if your a leaf).
<country> = Use the full country name please. Exact
location isnt required (put it in the body of the letter
if you want). I dont ask for town/state in the US/Canada
due to people trading with the same people all of the time
(a couple on RSB noted that, and in my mind it makes
sense, you'd like to see different options to trade for
when possible).

Now, there isn't any excuse for problems with this. I've
explained the options, cited examples. If there is any
confusion, or if I have missed something, let me know.
Failure to use the options above will result in deletion
(via filter).