This is the official announcement for the DVD set "For the Love of FBO".

Because of the large number of DVDSs (12) the tree will be run in two
separate sections.  The first list to be prepared will be as follows:

1.  Page/Plant Compilation #1
2.  Page/Plant Compilation #2
3.  Zep Reunions (3)
4.  Led Zeppelin  (various)
5.  Jimmy Page Compilation #1
6.  Robert Plant Video Compilation

You can refer to Carol Page's Complete Set List previously posted for the
exact material on each disc.

Once the first set has been completed, the same branch will handle the
remaining discs.  Obviously because DVDs require more time to burn and
because of the number of discs, this process  will be somewhat longer than
trees involvind CDs.  Please be patient.

**Important** - Send your sign ups to

*Do not reply to this email"

To sign up as a branch use subject of BRANCH -FTLOFBO

Include your name, email location, state and trade preference, i.e 2:1, B&P
or don't care.  Also, the number of leaves you would be willing to host.

To sign up as a leaf use subject line of LEAF - FTLOFBO

Include your name, e-mail location, state and trade ability, i.e. 2:1, B&P
or don't care.

For those unfamiliar with trees - the branch makes copies for the leafs who
have no ability to burn discs themselves.  B&P bascially stands for Blanks
and Postage. For further information regarding this procedure go to

Signups will end Friday, October 1, 2004 at 7:00AM Eastern Standard Time