These shows are from Empress Valley's unprecedented new release DEMAND
UNPRECEDENTED ... all five nights of Led Zeppelin's awesome Earl's Court stand.

Thanks to the generosity of Steve P
(  I have three of the five
nights offered on three different trees. They are:

May 18, 1975 (No Quarter) - 2 disks
May 24, 1975 - 4 disks and
May 25, 1975 - 4 disks.

Steve's reviews of the shows, and the setlists for the three shows will be
found under all the small print at the bottom of this email.

This will be an AUDIO ONLY tree. Les from Down Under is offering the same
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May 25, 1975 - 120

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The New Guy

ay 18, 1975
EVSD 99-100
Audio: 7.5+ AUD
Notes: Liner notes state that the original master tapes for this set were
destroyed by a warehouse fire that took all of the inventory as well.  The
original acetate survived and this was made from the acetate.  Recorded
(according to the liner notes) using a Sony 152 SD tape recorder and two
Sony microphones.  It's cool to see a lost set come back from the dead and
discarded I suppose and it is kinda nice to have the old artwork.  :)  The
sound is a little flat, but more natural than the boosted tape - that said,
this is an excellent find and nice to have included in the set.  It was
interesting to listen to this set right after the previous set and hear the
differences in the tapes.  It's the same show, but at times it can be
completely different due to recorder location, master tape quality,
acoustics, etc.  Kashmir is a good example of this - there's no high end
distortion, the drums are earth shattering and the Mellotron is a little
higher in the mix on this tape.  I can see Empress Valley releasing this
set in a limited edition special package 3CD set (the added disc being 12
minutes long and completely unjustified) just to squeeze a few more bucks
out of the collectors.

May 24, 1975
EVSD 105-108
Audio: 9+ SBD
Notes: Welcome to night number four in London and the first of the
soundboard source tapes.  The tape starts out with the excellent audience
source and perfectly switches into the board just prior to the start of
Rock And Roll.  The board tape is of excellent quality and features an
overall good balance of the instruments, with Jimmy being slightly high in
the mix.  While I would be surprised to hear that Empress Valley didn't
enhance the tape in one way or another, it doesn't suffer at all and is not
overloaded or unbalanced, IMO.  The tape also has a nice depth to it and is
worlds apart from some of the dull, rather flat sounding '73 board
recordings.  My only concerns with board tapes are that the mistakes as
well as the genius shine through as if a hundred thousand watt light has
been shown onto them.  You also loose part of the experience of the "live"
show since the audience is generally very low to nonexistent in the
mix.  One last concern is that board tapes also lose some of the brute
force that the audience tape captures having been fed through the massive
PA system.  The setlist and performances for this string of concerts
remains about the same.  In My Time Of Dying is again the highlight of the
opening section of the set.  Kashmir has the guitar high and the Mellotron
low in the mix, but Bonzo's drums lack the skull crushing brute force that
an audience tape could provide.  The guys hint at losing control and again
make a quick correction saving face.  I would love to know what it is about
this song that makes it so hard to keep track of where they are at within
the song while playing it.  It would seem to be the exception and not the
rule that this song makes it from start to end without error in one form or
another.  Practice, practice, practice!  After Tangerine, there's several
tape switches as we go into Going To California and we finally rest on the
audience source until just after That's The Way begins. The acoustic
section is pulled off very well at all of the shows.  The English audience
really appreciate the numbers, especially after Plant gives them his
Welsch/Celtic stories of inspiration for each song.  That's The Way is the
highlight of the acoustic set for me all week but the audience probably
shows more enthusiasm for Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp.  Another number that shines
all week has been Trampled Underfoot.  I especially enjoy the Gallows Pole
lyrics being tacked onto the end.  Tonight the track is frantic with Bonzo
and Jimmy almost launching into the stratosphere.  Moby Dick is sent out to
Jason Bonham who is seven years old and is at the show.  Tonight's version
clocks in at around 27 minutes after you deduct the time spent by Plant
talking.  Dazed And Confused is well over 30 minutes tonight.  Plant starts
it out talking about the New Yardbirds and tells the story of Bonham making
40 quid a week for Tim Rose and not wanting to leave that to join
Zeppelin.  As the band returns to the stage, Bonzo finds an open mike and
announces that he thinks "football is a load of bullocks".  Whole Lotta
Love has a very vocal Jimmy Page helping with the chorus.  Sex Machine
lyrics are added to the funky section of WLL.  The Theramin section
features a great call and answer from Plant and the Theramin.  Plant throws
in several lines of lyrics prior to Black Dog but I have no idea what they
are from.  Night four is another success.  The boys are in strong
forum.  Plant is in good voice.  Jimmy's fingers stay out of the strings
and Jones and Bonzo shine as always.  Empress Valley has done a excellent
job making the show as complete as possible using as many tape sources
needed to do so.  Once again, I can go on and on about the near perfect
tape transfers.  One more to go and this is the most anticipated one of the

Track Listing:

DISC 1: Announcement, Rock And Roll, Sick Again, Over The Hills And Far
Away, In My Time Of Dying, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Kashmir.

DISC 2: No Quarter, Tangerine, Going To California, That's The Way,
Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp.

DISC 3: Trampled Underfoot, Moby Dick, Dazed And Confused.

May 25, 1975
EVSD 109-112
Audio: 9+ SBD
Notes: It's Sunday night and it's the final night in Blighty.  The
introduction by Alan Freeman works the audience into mass-hysteria.  I
can't recall hearing such a roar before on a board tape.  Another fantastic
soundboard tape.  Empress Valley has probably boosted the sound, but it
still sounds great in my headphones.  Jimmy has remained in good shape for
all five shows, in fact, they have all remained in good shape all
week.  The only real exception being Robert's voice, but what can you
do.  Plant's voice is a little rough (afterall, he is singing for the third
night in a row).  In My Time Of Dying is again the highlight within opening
salvo of the setlist.  Tonight it includes some You Shook Me lyrics at the
end.  After listening to a week's worth of concerts in about two days, the
shows are really becoming routine with not much variation between
them.  Kasmir is again sans the brute force pounding of the drums, mind you
they still sound great, but they lack the bottom end 'oomph' that 100,000
watts of PA power can supply.  The Mellotron is higher in the mix than it
has been all week and it overpowers the guitar at times.  Dispite his
slipping voice, Plant gives a valiant wail for the "where I'll
beeeeeeeeeeeee" lyric.  Bonzo keeps the slow pace of the song and the boys
successfully navigate the journey to the barren wasteland without
incident.  No Quarter is not as creative here as it has been or could have
been.  Empress had to switch to an alternate source (video?) to complete
the end of the song.  Jimmy can be heard lightly strumming what would
evolve into Tea For One in the background whilist Plant goes into his spiel
before Tangerine.  The alternate tape continues into Tangerine before a
switchover to an audience source is done as Tangerine nears the
end.  Empress stumbles a bit with the tape switches here before getting
back to the main soundboard source, but all is forgiven.  We've had a
tremendous number of seamless switches in this set, so one blip is
acceptable in my book.  The condition of Robert's voice is appearant in the
acoustic set.  He's frequently clearing his throat and his voice cracks on
some of the higher notes.   There sound like what might be a slight cut in
That's The Way.  Listen closely after the audience roar cuts in to the next
ten or fifteen seconds afterwards.  Plant gets in a reference to Friends
and carries on about Bonzo having the runs during the previous American
tour during his audience chat just before The Stomp.  Trampled Underfoot
has Jimmy getting stuck a bit in the strings.  He also comes off as a bit
uninspired in his playing in this song.  Robert makes my day and adds the
now standard Gallows Pole lyrics again.  Probably the worst version of
Dazed And Confused all week.  Jimmy has gotten into a slump and can't seem
to get the magic working again.  Stairway is sent out to Plant's daughter,
Carmen who is in the crowd watching Dad sing.  Whole Lotta Love is hurried
along.  It contains the compressed funky section, a few lines of The Crunge
and it's straight into the Theramin.  Creativity is missing
throughout.  It's almost amazing that they bothered to stray from the week
long untouched setlist to add Heartbreaker and Communication Breakdown to
the encores.  Communication Breakdown has Plant getting in some D'yer Maker
references.  It's a rushed runthrough and then it's Good Night.  England
will have to wait 4 year to again see the Zeppelin fly.

Track Listing:

DISC 1: Announcement, Rock And Roll, Sick Again, Over The Hills And Far
Away, In My Time Of Dying, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Kashmir.

DISC 2: No Quarter, Tangerine, Going To California, That's The Way,
Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp,  Trampled Underfoot.

DISC 3: Moby Dick, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven.

DISC 4: Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Heartbreaker, Communication Breakdown.