This is my page for B+P for some of the recent BumbleBee Productions shows. I will be doing B+P for the following shows :

1) Scorpions "Burn The Vegas Sky" Las Vegas, NV February 15, 2003

2) Ozzy Osbourne "Make Some Noise" Las Vegas NV March 14, 2003

3) Robert Plant-"Lili Was Here" The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA September 12, 2002

4) Erasure "Vegas Oh L'amour" Las Vegas, NV March 19, 2003

5) Berlin "Masquerading In Vegas" Las Vegas, NV March 5, 2003

This is probably the best concert I have seen in over three years. I was not a fan of Berlin but decided to go just to record the shows. Since then I have flew out to LA to see them again and I have plans to see them in Portland, Seattle and two other So Cal trips. The artwork needs to be redone.

6) Non BBP Audioslave New York City 03/06/03



If you need more info on these shows all info can be found in the "Unrelated (Release, Tree, Vine, Weed, Freebie)" folder in the DRE


Instruction for B+P (these are normal rules for B+P)

  1. With your package include a note with which shows you would like to burn and email address.
  2. Include a stamped self address mailer (Not cash) for me to send your disc back to you.
  3. Send your package in a timely manner, anything packages arriving after May 25 will be returned unopened (This gives you three weeks).
  4. You can send any kind of CDR’s. If you send some cheap media and I have a bad burn I will not replace the disc. If you send Grade "A" media and I have a bad burn I will replace the disc.
  5. My shipping address is

Larry Smith

1827 W Gowan Apt # 2068

North Las Vegas NV 89032-7996


I will email when I receive your package and also when I ship your package back.