This is the Led Zeppelin 8/31/69 audience Master as recorded by Reggie the

The master reels for all the Dallas Pop Fest recordings made by Reggie The
Bullet have been in the possession of Mr. Freezer since 1970. No copies were
ever traded out by Reggie. Freezer made 1 copy from the master reels on a Sony
C-90 normal bias cassette.

This cassette was copied and the copy used for trades.

Prior to 2/28/04 there are no copies of this recording circulating in any
verifiable generation.

This tree will circulate a bonafied, VERIFIABLE 1G copy of this historic
recording. Never before has there been a VERIFIED copy of this recording offered
to collectors. The owner of the tape and the taper who actually recorded the
show have stepped forward and presented the tape for all the FBO'ers and LZ fans
to enjoy. The tape was given freely to the LZ community, and not to some
elitist low gen collectors or to some rip off bootlegger.

This direct copy from the 1st generation is unaltered, there is no EQing,
processing, or anything else done to alter the sound of the original
recording. It is also worth noting that the version of "How Many More
Times" on this recording is longer than versions heard on other recordings
of this show.

The fans get this one first. This is NOT the copy with the bogus lineage that
has been circulating for years. This is directly from the 1G saftey copy
Freezer made more than 33 years ago.

Freezer has made his identity known to me, and while he still wishes to
remain anonymous, he is willing to answer any and all questions through me
as to avoid any flame wars erupting on this list. For those who may be
skeptical, you are invited to sign up for this tree and judge for
yourself. Keep in mind this, unlike the versions out there, is completely
unaltered to preserve the integrity of the original recording.

If you have any questions for Mr. Freezer please contact me privately.
Answers and questions will be posted publically to FBO at the whim of
myself and Mr. Freezer, unless the content is deemed inappropriate for FBO
by either one of us. Constructive criticsism will be accepted, flames will
be ignored.

This is the last show on LZ's 2nd American tour. This recording was made by a
journalism student on a small reel to reel protable recorded. This is the
same recorder that Mr. Freezer would later use for King Crimson 3/31/72  -
(which was bootlegged as: Sliding Mystified)

Special thanks to Freezer for generously letting this out, as well as
Denny D, and Bruce Deerhake for administering the tree.

Signup information is below.



Fellow FBO admin Bruce "the Buckeye" Deerhake will be administrating this
tree.  All branch disks will be ripped with calibrated EAC and burned with
Notes from Bruce in regards to signing up:

To sign up to be a BRANCH :

Send an email to:

In the body please include:

1) Name
2) email
3) FULL ADDRESS (required for branches)
4) # of Leaves you are willing to take. The recommended number of
leaves is 5, but you can sign up to do more or less.
5) Are you willing to take overseas, Y or N
6) Your CDR software

1) Bruce Deerhake
3) 312 Jones Street, Cincinnati, OH 44101, USA
4) 5
5) Y

To sign up to be a LEAF :

Send an email to:

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1) Name
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3) State/Country of your postal address

1) Bruce Deerhake
3) Ohio/USA


Tree signups will end April 1 (no foolin!).
The structure will then be posted within a few days of that.

NOTE: I run my trees with an iron fist.  If you take my branch disk and
do not do your duties with your leaves, your name will be noted and
remembered in the future.  Leaves: If your branch dumps you, or gives
you a hard time, I want to know!  If your branch dumps you, I WILL
make provisions for a backup branch, even if I have to do it myself.