Morning all,

It's been forever and a day since the last time I did this, so I might be a little rusty.  But, it's just like riding a bike, I suppose...

This is a whopping one disc tree, so this shouldn't take a lot out of anyone's freetime.

This is a linear splice of the Plays Pure Blues bootleg of the soundboard, with the cuts filled in from another bootleg (this time from one of the audience sources), called Plays Pure Bob.

This is for branching-only participants:  reply to this email with "branch" in the subject, and include your name, email and postal address, general location, burning equipment/software, etc, to sign up as a branch.

I'll take branch sign-ups until Friday-ish, and then open it up to leaves, and hopefully be done by Sunday.

Track list is as follows:

Train Kept a Rollin'
I Can't Quit You Baby
Dazed & Confused
You Shook Me
How Many More Times
Communication Breakdown


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