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The following 3-disc show, in SHN format, is being

Copenhagen Warm-Ups - The Complete Double Nights
07-23-79 & 07-24-79
Falkoner Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark
Empress Valley Supreme Disc

When uncompressed from SHN (data) to WAV (music), this
set occupies five discs:

Disc 1  07-23-79
 Introduction/TSRTS/Celebration Day/Black Dog/
 Nobody's Fault But Mine/OTHAFA/Misty Mountain Hop/
 Since I've Been Loving You/No Quarter/Hot Dog
Disc 2  07-23-79
 The Rain Song/White Summer+Black Mountain Side/
 Kashmir/Trampled Underfoot/Achilles Last Stand/
 Guitar Solo+Drum Solo/In The Evening/STH/Rock & Roll
Disc 3  07-24-79
 TSRTS/Celebration Day/Black Dog/Nobody's Fault But
 Mine/OTHAFA/Misty Mountain Hop/SIBLY
Disc 4  07-24-79
 No Quarter/Ten Years Gone/Hot Dog/The Rain Song
 White Summer+Black Mountain Side/Kashmir
Disc 5  07-24-79
 Trampled Underfoot/Sick Again/Achilles Last Stand/
 Guitar Solo+Drum Solo/In The Evening/STH/WLL

These two shows are very good audience recordings.
The relative merit of these '79 shows are up to you.
I prefer the warmup gigs to the Knebworth shows, and
enjoy the ambience of the smaller venue and the up
close sound.

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