If you wanna be-a leaf-a, holler-a back-a with-a yo-a name-a and-a general-a

Source info/setlists/assorted details--

Copenhagen `71--

Disc 1--
1--Immigrant Song
3--Since I've Been Loving You
4--Dazed & Confused
5--Black Dog
6--Stairway To Heaven
7--Going to California
8--That's The Way

Disc 2--
1--What is...
2--Four Sticks
3--Gallows Pole
4--Whole Lotta Love (medley)
5--Communication Breakdown
6--Misty Mountain Hop
7--Rock and Roll

10-9-72 Osaka--

Disc 1--
1--Rock and Roll
2--Black Dog
3--Over the Hills...
4--Misty Mountain Hop
5--Since I've Been Loving You
6--Dancing Days
7--The Song Remains...
8--The Rain Song
9--Dazed & Confused~(inc.--The Crunge)

Disc 2--
1--Stairway To Heaven
2--Moby Dick
3--Whole Lotta Love (medley)
4--Stand By Me
5--Immigrant Song

Four discs total.  The tree can only hold a certain number of leaves, and
once it gets full, it'll be closed and the structure posted.

Getting tired of this process, yet still driven by the bait,