Led Zeppelin played its only concert in Finland back in February 1970. It took 30 years before any member of the band visited Finland again.  This happened this summer when Priory of Brion played in a huge Finnish blues festival. To commemorate both of these events a tape tree containing both of these shows are thereby announced. Below you will find the technical details and subscribing information.

--- Show one -------------


Set: We're Gonna Groove, I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, Heartbreaker, White Summer / Black Mountain Side, Since I've Been Loving You, Organ Solo (inc. Toccata and Fugue) / Thank You, Moby Dick, How Many More Times (inc. The Hunter, Boogie Chillun', Move on Down the Line, Fixin' to Die, Down by the Riverside, The Lemon Song, Be-Pop-A-Lula), Whole Lotta Love.

Running time: 110 minutes (either two CDRs or one 60m DAT)

Seed source (for CDR): Reel master -> EQ -> 1st gen analog tape -> CDR

Seed source (for DAT): Reel master -> EQ -> 1st gen analog tape -> DAT

The source is the usual fair/good audience recording with the guitar dominating the sound and Plant remaining in the background for better part of the concert. This may not be an ideal choice for beginners but more seasoned collectors will most likely appreciate this upgraded version. Some people may again disagree with the tape being EQ'd but the main motivation for this was to remove the excessive tape hiss that exists on the master itself. As the EQ'ing was done very carefully, I believe that the results should satisfy the majority of fans (well, at least usually so critical Tomislaw was happy with it :). The 44.1 kHz 1st>DAT that has been around for about a year now was taken from the same 1st gen tape but for this tree I arranged a new 48 kHz transfer (sound quality wise there is probably no need to upgrade from 44.1 kHz version but at least the 48 kHz transfer is now made available).

--- Show two -------------


Set: A House Is not a Motel, Lazy Me, Bummer in the Summer, Bluebird, If I Were a Carpenter, Darkness Darkness, Gloria (inc. I'm a Man, Who Do You Love), Baby Please Don't Go, Song to the Siren, Early in the Morning, We're Gonna Groove (inc. Turn on Your Love Light) Running time: 61 minutes (one CDR)

Seed source (for CDR): DAT master (48 kHz) -> DAT (48 kHz) -> EQ -> CDR

This tape was recorded from the 2nd row with The Sound Professionals binaural microphones and Sony PCM-M1 portable DAT deck. The CDR version was then remastered with professional hardware EQ in a studio from a clone off the master by an audio engineer friend of mine. What was done to the tape in studio was basically just turning down some bass to clear up the sound (as it was recorded without bass roll-off). I can provide also an untampered DAT clone of this tape if someone wants it, but take my advice and go for the remastered version.