Robert Plant - The Celebration Series II

This following is the structure for the DVD tree of the following shows:

September 8, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - In the Mood/Pledge Pin/Messin' with the Mekon/Worse Than Detroit/Moonlight in Samosa/Fat Lip/Thru with Two Step/Other Arms/Horizontal Departure/Wreckless Love/Slow Dancer/Like I've Never Been Gone/Big Log/Burning Down One Side/Little Sister/Stranger Here...Than Over There

May 28, 2001 DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC - If Ever I Get Lucky/Morning Dew/In the Light/Season of the Witch/Darkness Darkness/Hey Joe/Four Sticks/7+7 is.../Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/Bummer in the Summer/Misty Mountain Hop//House is Not a Motel/Whole Lotta Love//Song to the Siren


(SEED – Paul G)

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