Thanks to the generosity of Steve P (  I have a 4 disk
set from Earl's Court on 5/24/75 to offer.

This will be an audio only tree.

I will be calling for BRANCHES FIRST to determine leaf slots. The number of
leaf slots will be determined by an analysis of the branch response so I
don't go insane trying to juggle leaves later.

Also, having seen the horrors of being a branch on a multi-disk tree in
which 4 of the 5 leaves want to B&P, you will be able to clarify whether or
not you will accept Bs & Ps.

If you want to be a branch on this, please send me an email with your
information in a format like this:


Please put: EC TREE - 5/24/75 - BRANCH - B&P Y or N


"From" name  -  your email address  -  state (if in USA) or country (if not
USA)  -  # of leaves  -  Y or N (whether you'll mail off your CONTINENT)


I will use my own case as an example. If I were signing up mine would look
like this:  -  CA  -  5  -  Y

Because my "FROM" name is The New Guy and it is clearly recognizable when I
see thenewguy@etc.etc I don't have to sign up with:
The New Guy  -  -  CA  -  5  -  Y

because that would be REDUNDANT! Don't be redundant.

If my "FROM" name was JOE BLOW, however, I'd have signed up as:

Joe Blow  -  -  CA  -  5  -  Y

IF YOU DON'T KNOW how your name appears in the "FROM" box when you send
someone an email, take 30 seconds to SEND YOURSELF AN EMAIL AND LOOK before
you sign up.

NOTE: If you're posting off an archivalgroups message board, it will put
your yahoo username in the "FROM" box. Since that's the case, just put your
yahoo username in the first position...

IMPORTANT: I will reject any entries that are not in the form described
above. You may receive a signup rejected notice, giving you a chance to try
again after following the instructions, depending on my time allowances.

It's really simple to do, it's just complicated explaining it. Your
cooperation makes it possible for me to do trees.

All right then...

Branch signups will be open until the 19th. Leaf signups will be announced
shortly thereafter.  The artwork for DUITHORM is on
and Steve has scans of the booklet cover, the mini program booklet cover
and the tickets on his website here:

Don't let the small print keep you from these great shows!

Warmest regards always, etc. etc.

The New Guy