Well the 15th has rolled around and it's now time for the Leaves to get into
the action.

You'll see on this page:
http://www.members.optushome.com.au/slooby/rnrmagic.html that we have a
healthy amount of Branches capable of doing good copies for you (it hasn't
got the last day or so's Branch signups, yet) as well as the artwork and a
link to some info about Trees in general for the clueless/newbie.

So what I need to see form you is an email, thus:

In the subject type:      RnR Magic Leaf

In the body type a comma de-limited one liner with the following info:

Name, email address, State (US Only), Country

e.g. Dave Smith, dsmith@Ipaidtoomuch.com, TX, USA         or

John Smith, jsmith@sucker.co.uk, , UK      (note the double comma for Non US
leaves, this helps me drop it into an Excel spreadsheet neatly).

Don't reply to this message unless you have a question, else the bit bucket


Les. :)

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