The set was played at Bournemouth, England on 02 Dec 1971 and is presented
to you on the Electric Magic label.

It's a 3CDR set and the seed discs are clones from the EM silvers supplied
by Christopher Zuk who currently sits on top of my "Maaaaaaate" list.

This announcement is for Branches, some of whom will be supply Branches in
various global locations.

You'll need to go to the following site: if you're not sure what Tree trading
is all about.

Once I get a hold of the artwork I'll post it on my website along with the
structure. If the term EAC is not familiar with you do not sign up.

You need to email me don't reply to this exactly as
I'll be using an incoming filter to sort the Tree mail.

In the Subject put: RNR Magic Branch

In the body put a comma delimited single line of text that includes the

Name, email address, State (USA Branches only), Country, Number of Leaves,
Willing to to trade overseas - Yes or No, EAC offset


slooby,, Australia, 5, Yes, EAC Offset (if you have
to ask don't Branch)


Valentino Rossi,, Texas, USA, 8, No, EAC Offset (if
you have to ask don't Branch)

I'll leave this open until the same time next week, then I'll be calling for

Be aware that there is often an over abundance of Branches so you may end up
as a leaf.


Les. :)

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