Okay, here we go, something to fill me time while I wait for the new
Zeppelin goodies to arrive.

This is the first announcement for Blighty/Master and Triumphant UK Return.

This will be a SHN tree for Branch. Leafs have their choice of audio or SHN

The first two disc will have the Tarantura's "Blighty" and an unaltered
Master>Digital Master>CD-R (see Notes below)
The third disc will be straight copy of Empress Valley's "Triumphant UK


***Added bonus Oct 12, 69 1stGEN>DAT>CDR has been added to the tree *****
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In the body of the email put a comma delimited string with the following
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  Led Zeppelin live on June 20, 1969 at City Hall, Newcastle-On-Tyne,
Newcastle, England and March 22, 1969 at Mothers Club, Birmingham, England.

  These two newly surfaced audience recordings were released in early 2003
on the bootleg CD set "Blighty" on the Tarantura label. The original
Newcastle source has noticeable tape hiss which was treated to Tarantura's
now familiar "32 bit remastering" process by Cool Mix Man and crew. The
side effect of this heavy-handed reworking of the sound is a loss of some
high end and a compressed, tinny sound quality. Shortly after the bootleg
was released, these recordings began circulating in their original,
unaltered form direct from the master tapes. No equalization or sound
processing has been used. Lineage = Master>Digital Master>CD-R

  These two discs contain the shorten compressed WAV files of both sources.
Both versions were extracted using EAC in secure mode with proper offset
correction. The WAV files were then converted to shn using the mkw Audio
Compression Tool. A copy of mkwACT is included in a Zip file for use to
decompress to WAV. In order to fit everything on two 80 minute CD-Rs, the
files are organized like this:

Disc One                                         Disc Two
  Blighty Disc One shn Files                Master Disc One shn Files
  Master Disc Two shn Files               Blighty Disc Two shn Files
  Artwork, Text and mkwACT

  The reason for this is that Tarantura's version is roughly two minutes
shorter overall. I haven't yet found where all this time was lost but
perhaps other trainspotters can determine the difference. Whether you
prefer your Zep in original recipe or extra-crispy, they are both here for
your enjoyment.

  A special note of thanks to all the folks responsible for the recording,
preservation and unearthing of these treasured documents. It's always
wonderful to hear new material from the greatest rock and roll band ever,
Led Zeppelin!

Blighty- Tarantura TCD-13-1/2
Newcastle City Hall Newcastle England June 20, 1969
Limited 200 only, no numbered.
Tarantura original special digi-pack & slip case.
The sound is from very good ~ excellent audience source.
Although low-pitched sound breaks in some places, it is powerful tone
quality. I want you to hear this with large volume. This show is the sound
source of a first appearance.
A bonus tracks (Mothers Club Birmingham England March 22, 1969) is very
clear and speedy. This one of sound quality is still more wonderful.
Set List...
Disc 1 : The Train Kept A Rollin'/ I Can't Quit You / Dazed & Confused /
White Summer - Black Mountain Side / You Shook Me / Pat's Delight
Disc 2 : How Many More Times / Communication Breakdown / The Train Kept A
Rollin' / I Can't Quit You / Dazed & Confused (edit)


See Set-in-Led web site at
for a review of this release.

Triumphant UK Return- Empress Valley EVSD-229
1CD jewel case.
Lyceum London UK Oct 12 , 1969
Verygood Audience source.
Set List....
Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown / I Can't Quit You /
Heartbreaker  / You Shook Me / What Is & What /Should Never Be  / Dazed &
Confused  / How many More Times