This is the official tree announcement for the Berlin & Charlotte shows
listed below.  This is a CDR tree only!

1972/06/09  Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.
                  Analog Master -> DAT2 -> CDR, 2 CD

1973/03/19  Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
                  Mastered From 3rd Generation Audience Tapes, 2 CD
                  (Digital noise reduction utilized)

There are 40 slots available in the following geographical locations:

North America - 30
Europe - 5
NZ / Australia - 5

E-Mail me with the following information to sign on as a leaf:

SUBJECT LINE:  Berlin '73 / Charlotte '72  -  LEAF

1. Name
2. Address

Leaf Considerations:
1. There are no trades required for this tree, just blanks & postage
2. You will need to either send your branch the four blank cdr's required
for the tree, or pay for the cost of the blanks, plus return postage.

Thanks go out to Darrin Muggli for the Charlotte tape, and to Richard
Allcock for the Berlin tapes.