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In the early part of 1972, Led Zeppelin made their one and only trip to Australia for a short, but oh-so-very-sweet concert tour. The people of Australia have felt somewhat slighted ever since, but they shouldn't be- they got to see Zeppelin at the very top of their form...

This is the first preliminary announcement, calling for BRANCHES ONLY for the Sydney '72 tree. We are expecting this to be rather large, so if you're capable of burning tick/pop free discs, have the proper equipment, and a little spare time, we could use your help...

Here is a brief description of the show, quoted from AirRaid:

"Led Zeppelin "Ayers Rock"

Live at The Showgrounds, Sydney, New South, Wales, Australia 27 Feb.1972

Disc 1: Black Dog / Stairway To Heaven / Going To California / That's The Way / Tangerine / Bron -Y- Aur Stomp / Dazed And Confused / What is And What Should Never Be

Disc 2: Moby Dick / Rock And Roll / Whole Lotta Love (include The Rover) / Communication Breakdown / Organ solo - Thank You

*The first two opening songs " Immigrant Song & Heartbreaker " were not recorded by the Taper.

The minor cut at the end of "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp" is due to the cassette tape running out during recording of the concert.

"Since I've Been Loving You" and "Celebration Day" that followed "Black Dog" were recorded but accidentally dubbed over years latter  (The intro to "Stairway To Heaven" was also dubbed over) .It is conservatively estimated that had all the songs been documented the actual concert length would have been timed at approximately 170 minutes, thus making this performance one of their longest sets for  this period."

This newly surfaced source is a major upgrade over what was previously in circulation.

To sign up for branch duties, send an email to:

In the subject line, type the words "Sydney '72 BRANCH". In the body of

your email, include your:

1. Full Name

2. Complete mailing address

3. Alternate email address, if you have one

4. Type of cd burner you own

5. Type of cd duping software you intend to use

6. Number of sets you would be willing to dupe

If you are planning to sign up as a leaf, please do NOT do so at this time- these signups are for BRANCHES ONLY, and will be open until Sunday, October 15th, at which point I will announce leaf signups.

There are two sets of seed discs on their way, thanks to a very generous "friend" in the U.K....We need branches around the globe for this one- I'd love to see some of the names who helped out with the Knebworth SB tree last year step forward again- you guys were great!