Hi all,
Well, after a little bit of thinking and organising, I have decided that
this list needs an injection of Australian spirit, and what better than 2
reall low gen shows from the 1972 tour of this big burned brown land that
some of us call home. We're talking about the Melbourne and Brisbane 1972
shows, both 1st gen from the master tapes, currently stored on CDR. Info
about setlists and such can be found at the bottom of this email, as well
as at the Aussie 1972 website (URL in the signature at the bottom)

This will be an analog and CDR tree. I'll be setting everything up and
running the analog tree. Les Sutton from Queensland will be running the
CDR portion as I dont have a CD writer myself (many thanks Les). All
requests to join the tree should be sent to me. In the subject line you
should put :

Aussie Tree CDR BRANCH
Aussie Tree CDR LEAF

Branches will be expected to handle 4-6 leaves each. I'm looking for
reliable branches here too, people who arent going to go AWOL for months
on end. I'll repeat this announcement once a week until the end of March
and then figure out the tree structures. So what are you all waiting
for??? Start signing up now. And here's the info on the 2 shows :

Melbourne, Kooyong Stadium 20th February 1972
Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker/Black Dog/Since I've Been Loving You/Stairway
To Heaven/Going To California/That's The Way/Tangerine/Bron-Y-Aur
Stomp/Dazed And Confused/Rock 'n Roll/Whole Lotta Love medley (+alt source

Cut between tracks, alt sources used for Immigrant Song and the end of
Whole Lotta Love. 90 minutes, 2 CDRs, 1 analog tape. Sound rating 7-7.5.
Certainly a very listenable recording.

Brisbane, Festival Hall 29th February 1972
Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker/Black Dog/Since I've Been Loving
You/Celebration Day/Stairway To Heaven/Going To California/That's The Way
(start)/That's The Way/Tangerine/Bron-Y-Aur Stomp/Dazed And Confused/What
Is And What Should Never Be/Moby Dic k/Whole Lotta Love medley

Apparently a complete concert. Sound is slightly muddy, slightly inferior
to that on the Melbourne show, but still easily listenable. 2 CDRs, 1.5
analog tapes (with some filler yet to be determined, possibly a radio
interview from Sydney 1972)


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