Hello Badgies,

well, now that all the confusion with the outtakes tree has died down, I
figured what a better way to make things better, than to offer up
something that alot of people seem to want.   besides, since this is the
day that everyone dreads the most in the year, I figured everyone could
use a little good news, so here goes nothing...again!!!


I currently have 3 discs worth of nothing but Artwork.  Let me give you
guys a little breakdown and tell you what I'm talking about:

Disc #1
Page/Plant Artwork:  Exactly 653 scans
This disc contains scans of most of, if not everyone of, the Page/Plant
shows that are currently in circulation.  Most of the WIC tour and it
would appear ALL of the '95/'96 shows that are out there.

Disc #2
Assorted Zeppelin Artwork:  Exactly 2907 scans
This disc contains a breakdown of Zeppelin Artwork by Year of the
Bootleg( 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, and 1979-80).  It
also contains various Jimmy Page and Robert Plant solo Art, as well as,
some Yardbirds Art, and various other Zeppelin Artwork as well.

Disc #3 (The Piece De R=E9sistance)
Project Ballentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exactly 3407 scans
This one seems pretty self explanatory, but since we have several new
members to the trading community, I'll run it down.

Project Ballentine was the premiere site for Zeppelin Artwork until it
was shut down.  I personally can't think of a piece of Zeppelin Artwork
that it didn't have, but then again, I could be wrong.

For everyone suffering from a hangover, that is a grand total of ...drum
roll please...

6967 scans

Before we get to the details let me say, that I'm NOT the one that has
put this together.  The man behind the mask on this one is Doug Mills,
Master of the Zeppelin Artwork.  Any thanks for this tree should go
directly to him at: dougthebugman@hotmail.com I'm just the delivery boy
on this one.



I have noticed that on all the trees I have been on, there are several
of you that are not Familiar with the workings of a Tree, so here is a
quick breakdown:

I(being the Seed) will take the signups and put together the tree
Structure.  Once you sign up, if you signup as a Branch, you will be
assigned to me, or one of the people that is a Main Branch, making you a
Sub Branch.  As a Branch you will be required to burn copies for however
may Sub Branches or Leaves you are assigned(with any luck, not exceeding
the number of people you said you could take).  If you sign up as a
Leaf, you will be assigned to one of the Sub Branches, and they will
burn the discs for you.

Seed(that's me)
    Main Branch(to be announced)
        Sub Branch(to be announced)
and so on.

It is up to each person to contact there respective Branch or Sub Branch
to set up a trade or B&P for the discs.  I can't tell anyone how to
trade, but I would ask that everyone be fair.  Another thing that needs
to be addressed is that there are alot of people that DO NOT have a
burner, that will have to B&P for the discs.  I would ask that people DO
NOT try to take advantage of these people.  If you are not willing to do
a B&P for the discs, please signup as a leaf or not at all.

                                                    Thank You,
                                                The Management

Signups will begin right now and end on the 25th of this month(April).
Any Signup received after that will not be allowed in.

Something tells me that this will be a relatively big tree so anyone not
making it in, I'm sure there will be someone out there willing to pass
it along to you.


Again this is a 3 disc tree, and I have copies preburned already.  I
will be putting the tree structure together as the signups come in, so
with any luck, the wait won't be to long before this gets out there...
so on with the technical stuff.

Sign Ups

You MUST follow the signup directions EXACTLY or you e-mail will not be
received!!!(not trying to be bitchy, but it won't make it past my
filters if you don't). Please do not respond to this e-mail.  Click on
the link below and create a new one.

All Tree Questions should be sent to: plongcore@comcast.net with Tree
Question in the Subject

All Signups should be sent to: tradingtree_records@hotmail.com

Subject: Branch Signup
Address(Including Country)
Number of Leaves you are willing to take
Will you take International Leaves
Trade or B&P

Anyone wanting to signup as a Branch, Be Advised, the discs are Data
discs.  You MUST have a burner and compatible software to burn Data or
you MUST sign up as a =

Subject: Leaf Signup
Address(Including Country)


In closing I would like to thank all the little people that made this
possible, my campaign manager, all the voters, the people that worked
long, sleepless hours to put the signs up around the neighborhoods... oh
wait, wrong speech

On a Serious note, I would like to thank the people that took the time
out of there busy lives to create this artwork, the people that took the
time to scan it, Mr. Barbero for the creation of Project Ballentine, and
especially, Doug Mills for putting these discs together.  If I have
forgotten anyone, my sincerest apologies.  And remember...


peace, pat