Hi All,

OK - so I've now got myself in order and am ready to tree. Go easy on me - it's my first time.  

Show : Robert Plant Sheffield City Hall 1st Dec 1983
Source : 1st Gen tape > CDR
Title : "Andy's Birthday Present"

History :

I went to this show - had to get to Sheffield to buy the ticket on a Wednesday - long before the days of buying by Credit card. Had to save up my paper round money. Sob sob Boo Hoo - God we were poor. (as they say in London - It's Grim up North) Queued up in the pissing rain for 3 hours after school (I was only 16 at this time) The show was on the 1st December and was my first experience of any Zeppelin related show. 1st of Dec was my 17th birthday so it was kind of a nice birthday present.

It was a cold night - had to catch three buses to get to the show. Me and Glen got there well early and got in to the bar as soon as it opened (Nothing Like illegal drinking before a show). The show is a really good one. People who have had previews of these discs have all been very impressed. A nice homely feel and a wintry warm sound. At least 8/10. probably better.

The show also contains the rarely performed Far Post - only performed three times I believe.

Thru with the two step is fantastic. I can still remember the bass compression rattling my tin like skinny ribs (no chance of that these days) Like I've never been gone is introduced as " the best one we've written so far " Plant really seems to "Feel" on this show - IT's not an "IN your Face SHow" more a "round the camp fire " type feel.

Other arms contains snippets of Trampled Underfoot - although I didn't spot it on the night.

Tape history:

I have had a tape of this show for nigh on 20 years in my collection. It was a copy of a first gen bought by Glen a few weeks after the show at a record fair. I dug it out a few months ago and gave it a listen and decided it was worth transferring to CDR -. This was done (by the guy that transferred Brussels 80 Aud for FBO ) but in my search for artwork I came across another tape. This one was much better than the one I had and from a different source. As a result this new tape is the source of the tree.

The only problem is Thru with the two steps is missing about the last 10 seconds. I've checked it against my tape and it really isn't worth splicing.

I've done the art and will be contacting Chris Barbero about getting it on Ballentine.

The art is made up of:

UK Tour Program Photos and Program essay.
Copy of the ticket

I am looking for Branches and Leaves now. If you can branch please do so.

So if your interested send me an email :

Subject line : Plant Tree LEAF or BRANCH

Content: Name : Email : Location in the world

I intend to close the invitation at the end of June. Soon after this I will post the structure. This is my first tree so bare with me - no flames please. The tapes have been missing for 18 years - a few more weeks won't hurt.

BTW I'm only a member of FBO - if you know folks from other groups that might be interested - please forward the mail to them.

Track Listing

Disc 1

In the mood
Pledge Pin
Messin in the Mekon
Worse than Detroit
Moonlight In Samosa
far Post !!!!!!!?/! !!!!!
Thru' With The Two Step

Disc 2

Other Arms
Horizontal Departure
Wreckless Love
Band intro
Slow Dancer
Like I've Never Been Gone
Burning down One Side
Big Log
Stranger Here than Over There

Plants Vocal out play (God that made my ears ring )






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