In the years that I have been trading CDR’s I have received a great number of CDR’s with index clicks. It has been widely assumed that allot of these problem arise from people using Roxie EZ CD Creator. I always here people using EZ CD Creators that they do not ever get any errors when they burn their disc. They make the assumption that since they got a "CD Copied" that the burn was good.

I decided to compare the burning process of using EAC/CDRWin with EZ Creator. Here is the list of Hardware and software used to run this test.

Dell 333 MHz PC with Windows 98 (I could not use my other PC due to the problems with XP and EZ Cd Creator)

HP 8100 CD Writer

Easy CD Creator 5 Basic

CDRWin 3.7E

EAC v0.85 Beta 4

The first task was to make a .wav image to the hard drive with EAC. This would be used as make future comparison.

Here are the results using EAC and CDRWin.

Here are the results using EZ CD Creator 5 Basic

Notice the error at every index mark. Looking at the second photo that is what a index clicks looks like using a wave editor in spectrum view.

I have to add for Data CD's, I have had no problem with EZ Creator.




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